Creating the imaginary

We have a highly talented group of 2D and 3D designers just waiting to create the imaginary. Whether it’s a virtual environment for teaching, virtual staging of an apartment or a complete 360 degree virtual environment. We can create photo realistic work for any sector and also provide full animation if required.

We started by creating virtual meeting spaces

A series of carefully designed spaces to represent your entrance hall, conference room or lounge.
Select which ones fit your event the best and we then go to work branding them to reflect your organisation and showcase your advertisers, sponsored exhibitors or key events.

Rather have us design spaces JUST FOR YOU - it would be a pleasure!

Some of our CGI work

We have worked with many organisations to create photo realistic representations of physical and virtual scenes. These can be 2D in nature for illustrative purposes or full 360 immersive experiences.

Animation and VFX

This work is often used to demonstrate a product or process or to provide an experience that would be difficult or impossible to achieve in the real world.