About our company

We have recently hit 25 and we're still loving it!


We have a proven track record

Since our inception in 1998, we’ve honed our craft in web design, web development, and app development across Belfast and Northern Ireland for 25 years. Our portfolio spans a variety of digital projects, from nurturing local Belfast businesses to elevating well-known brands, all while deepening our expertise and experience within the vibrant tech scene of Northern Ireland.


A genuine wealth of real experience

Our web design agency is equipped with a diverse set of skills, enabling us to swiftly address any digital services needs in Belfast and Northern Ireland. Each team member is a specialist in their domain, infusing quality and professionalism into our work, whether it’s for a large-scale project or a modest budget endeavour. We look forward to discussing your next project!


Always happy to help and guide

As web designers and web developers in Belfast and Northern Ireland, our passion goes beyond just delivering projects; it’s about the collaborative journey. Successful paths are carved through dialogue, idea-sharing, and strategic planning. We’re always eager to discuss your visions, provide feedback, or address any concerns, contributing to your success wherever we can.

"Our core aim is always to help, guide and inform, ensuring any digital journey achieves the success it deserves."

Who we are

We are a really friendly group of people

You are potentially entrusting us with your business online. We get that and we don’t expect you to do so lightly. We always strive to be friendly, approachable, jargon free and always happy to share our knowledge and understanding.

The Flex Studio is headed by Geoff Cox and supported by a team of experts covering a full range of digital services. Although primarily based in Northern Ireland, we also have office representation in Germany and the UAE.

Geoff Cox
The Flex Studio who we are
The Flex Studio - what we do
What we do

We create digital solutions that have genuine impact

Yes, we develop websites, web applications, mobile solutions and we love to create visual journeys using AR, VR, animation and VFX. However everything we do is based upon genuine benefit. We wont create for the sake of creating so we will help you to identify, imagine, plan and execute.

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