We have a proven track record

We have been operating since 2001, so that’s a 21 year apprenticeship so far! We have been involved in a wide range of digital work during that time, from local businesses here in Northern Ireland to well known brands  and have the scars and experience to show.


A genuine wealth of real experience

Our team has been built to cover a wide range of skills, ensuring that we can always react quickly and confidently to any digital requirements. Each team member excels in their own space and brings quality and professionalism to everything they deliver.


Always happy to help and guide

For us it’s not just about the work we do with customers, it’s about the journey and all successful journeys are the result of discussion, exchange of ideas and planning. So we are always happy to hear your plans, comments or even reservations and contribute wherever we can.

"Our core aim is always to help, guide and inform, ensuring any digital journey achieves the success it deserves."

Who we are

We are a really friendly group of people

You are potentially entrusting us with your business online. We get that and we don’t expect you to do so lightly. We always strive to be friendly, approachable, jargon free and always happy to share our knowledge and understanding.

The Flex Studio is headed by Geoff Cox and supported by a team of experts covering a full range of digital services. Although primarily based in Northern Ireland, we also have office representation in Germany and the UAE.

Geoff Cox
The Flex Studio who we are
The Flex Studio - what we do
What we do

We create digital solutions that have genuine impact

Yes, we develop websites, web applications, mobile solutions and we love to create visual journeys using AR, VR, animation and VFX. However everything we do is based upon genuine benefit. We wont create for the sake of creating so we will help you to identify, imagine, plan and execute.

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We would love to hear it! If you don't then why not get in
touch and let's see if we can create one together.



The Flex Studio

We're based on the North Coast of Ireland so happy to connect virtually


Questions, comments or just to say hello. Just pick up the phone: +44 (0)28 958 10500

Send over an email if you would rather. Never a problem and we welcome the contact.